. Ending our low wage epidemic in 21st century America

Ending the legitimacy crisis is the immediate crisis we must tackle. The longer term problem in American society in the 21st century is our low wage epidemic. It’s not where are the jobs? so much as where are the decent paying jobs?

To that end I propose a New Deal-or a New Deal 2.0 to end this low wage epidemic.The low wage epidemic is due to multiple factors-trade deals, outsourcing, anti union laws passed by the Right wing-but the predominant factor is automation. While automation is a great social development in many ways enabling us access to information and networking connections never before even dreamed of, the underside of it is that many industries have become much less labor intensive.

Just like the transition from an economy where most Americans worked on farms to one where most worked in factories in the early 20th century was a painful transition that led to low wages and long hours prior to the first New Deal we need a new Deal-or New Deal 2.0-to deal with the painful transition in an economy where most Americans worked in factories where most are in the low wage service sector.

We need the New Deal 2.0 for the 21st century.

The three pillars of the New Deal 2.0:

A. A job guarantee (JG).

B. A universal basic income (UBI).

C. An expanded and broadened earned income tax credit (EITC).

Each one of these three policies either by itself or in conjunction with one or both of the others will significantly raise wages.

Comprehensive Immigration Reform

It’s repugnant as it’s contrary to our American values of inclusion where being American is not about race, religion, sexual orientation but the belief in a creed: that every American has a right to life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness.We are the nation of the Statue of Liberty and pride ourselves on being a nation of immigrants, of being a melting pot.

But it’s counterproductive as it actually hurts the police effort to fight gangs like MS-13 as people are afraid to tell what they know about criminal activity in the community. And it’s simply a fact that immigrants have a lower crime rate than American nationals and pay a high level of taxes while doing the work most Americans don’t want. It’s well past time for a rational, common sense immigration policy. Almost no decent and thinking person agrees that we should be deporting children who have grown up in our country whatever their parents may or may not have done.

Peter King says he’ll support the Dream Act if it goes to the House floor. But that’s not good enough. If he truly supports it he should sponsor such legislation not just wait for Paul Ryan to bring it to the floor-which he knows won’t happen.

 A sexual harassment task force

The task force will be comprised of activists, academics, women’s rights advocates, and lawyers. It will also learn about the aspects of #MeToo that some-including many feminist lawyers-worry might overcorrect to the point where the accused don’t get due process.

We want to end the bad old days when women were not believed and were punished if they attempted to speak out about harassment. But the answer to this is not taking away all due process.

It’s a delicate balance that our task force will with a diversity of relevant experience get to the bottom of and come up with policy options to end the grave social evil of sexual harassment.